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Magic as a form of wedding entertainment is gaining popularity in Australia and Dare has the experience to make your wedding entertainment extra magical!

Wedding magicians Sydney wedding magic show in Baulkham Hills

I perform at weddings throughout Australia. Typically, magic works best during the canapé or cocktail section at the start of the wedding reception. Roving magic entertainment from group to group is a great way to break the ice between guests as they arrive.

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Depending on your wedding schedule, magic entertainment can also work well during the wedding dinner. Dinner is usually served to tables at different times as the waiting staff works their way around the crowd. By performing magic to the guests waiting to be served food while other guests are eating ensures that everyone is either eating or being entertained. When those who were served first have finished their meal I perform magic for them while the other tables are eating. Using this method I am able to seamlessly move through the crowd and keep the room entertained during the dinner section.

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Some couples opt to have roving magic during the start of the reception plus a 20-minute stage magic show after the wedding dinner. Roving magic works well to settle guests as they arrive and a stage magic show is a good option to give your guests that added bonus of a post-dinner wedding entertainment show once they’ve all eaten. My stage magic show serves as a nice transition from dinner into the evening celebrations and gets everyone in good spirits for the rest of the night!

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