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Motivational Speaker Sydney

By combining magic with motivational speaking I am able to create engaging and bespoke speeches that are able to deliver key messages to audiences of all ages and backgrounds at motivational seminars in Sydney.

My public speeches usually run for 15 to 40 minutes.

I make my speeches personal and memorable by drawing on my own life experiences. Magic acts as a perfect medium by which to deliver a message making me one of the go-to keynote speakers Sydney has to offer. My motivational speeches can be used to inspire school children, increase sales productivity or improve team building at work.

Examples of messages I deliver in my speeches are “Following your heart”, “Focusing on business goals” and “Overcoming Social Isolation”.

Each subject comes from experience.

Such as:

  • Following my heart by moving from a secure corporate career to an entertainment career.
  • Getting the most from a team, based on working with numerous teams across Europe during my time working for an international engineering company.
  • How to bring society together, using magic as a metaphor, based on my experiences volunteering and performing magic, and the connection it creates between people.

My keynote speeches in Sydney are suitable for audiences ranging from 20-500 people, depending on the setting and style of speech.

Looking for a motivational speaker with a magical twist in Sydney? Contact me, or fill out the form below to receive a quote right away.

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